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Clothes make the RevoluzZza

I always wanted to create RevoluzZza t-shirts – but as usual this plan needed time to realize it. First I had to argue with my son about the pirate motif – for he thought that the pirate captain was to fat and wanted a thinner one… or the sword wasn’t right and so on and so on. Yes – that’s my hardest critic: my son.

Finally we could agree on a pirate captain and a sword and everything – but the first order at the company that printed the shirts wasn’t right… and now… finally… here they are: The first RevoluzZza t-shirts – that even my son likes :-)
And he was the one that chose the colors – I really thought the green pirates would be a little bit… TOO green (his favorite colors are green and black). But now I think: He made a great choice.

Lilith’s shirt is of course also a RevoluzZza shirt – it says: „Fortune favors the brave“.

And here is another RevoluzZza shirt –  with a RevoluzZza monster climbing on the Fernsehturm Berlin Alexanderplatz like King Kong:

I have a shop now at spreadshirt: Wanna buy a RevoluzZza shirt? Do it here! Right now the shop is in German and delivers only in Europe – and Island and Japan. I think, sooner or later I have to look for another company.

Well, and here you can see how happy people are who wear RevoluzZza shirts – and how gentle and kind they get :-)

6 Gedanken zu „Clothes make the RevoluzZza

  1. absolut GROSSARTIG deine shirts!

    lg ulli

  2. they are really sweet!!
    big kiss for all of you

  3. Tolle Shirts! Ich bin begeistert!

  4. Genial!!! :-)

  5. also, ne… was du alles so machst! einfach nur TOLL!! und dann dachte ich, gönne ich mir trotz dämlichem nicht-sommer mal was und wollte nun mal gerade ein shirt kaufen, das mit dem funkturm… für mich… (als ex-berliner-kindl) aber das gibt´s ja nur in kindergrößen – männo! also ich „vote“ hier mal ganz deutlich für „grownup-shirts“, wer noch?!

    lg und schönes we, nicola

    p.s. ich brauche größe L…

  6. okay… ich war wieder vorschnell! ich habe gerade die restlichen shirts gefunden… neue brille für mich? :)


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