The Pippi Bag

After I made so many stuffed animals… I really liked to create something different. I didn’t make any bags for quite some time – so I thought it would be great to make some more bags.

This is one I made for my little daughter who just started to go to the kindergarten – and needed a kindergarten bag. She is a huge Pippi Longstocking fan. Sometimes when we ask her what her name is – she even answers: „I am…. PIPPILOTTAAA!“ (Remember? Pippi Longstockings whole name is: Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraimsdaughter Longstocking :-) ).

Well, so it has to be a Pippi Longstocking bag for my daughter.

It’s made out of a lot of different fabrics outside and inside – just as Pippi Longstocking would like it :-).

On the back I stitched Liliths name. Even when this is a Pippi Lonstocking bag – it’s still Lilith’s bag :-) .Pippi Longstocking Bag

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  1. Ahhhh…..I LOVE!!! Wonderful!!! I would love to have one, not for the twins but for my self. Where did you get the „Pippi-part“? Is it a print on fabric or a cutout in paper??? Btw, the softies are also adorable. Greetings from Mallorca.

  2. great! i especially like that the picture of pippi an herr nilsson looks like an old tv-screen

  3. wow!!! der absolute wahnsinn! lisa liebt pippi auch über alles. wie hast du das mit dem bild gemacht? auf stoff drucken lassen oder wie?


  4. This is a fantastic bag! Love your blog!

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ich würde gerne solch eine Tasche gern bei dir bestellen-für unsere Ida die im August in den Kiga kommt.

    Damit wären alle Kleinmädchenträume bei ihr gedeckt.

    wär sowas möglich uns was soll die kosten?

    LG Tina

  6. i love pippi longstocking and i love your bags!

  7. Rachel Russell 25. Juni 2008 bei 08:17

    My 4 year old daughter is IN LOVE with your Pippi bag! I am also looking exactly for the same thing for her to take to kindergarten in September here in Canada! We ordered a Pippi backpack from Sweden, it arived today and we were SO sad to see that it was vinyl and not canvas/cotton as we had hoped. We need to have the backpack be cotton- so now I am stuck and my daughter is so sad she can’t use the Pippi vinyl bag (ack!!!) Now I am trying to figure out how to make a ‚Pippi patch‘ just like the one on your bag to put on a red 100% cotton backpack- HELP! We LOVE the exact same print that you have on your Pippi Bag-is there anyway we can buy another Pippi patch from you?? WE ARE CROSSING OUR FINGERS!! The movie is her absolute favorite and we are hoping you can help us ..!!


  8. hi i love the pippi bag, can you make one for me? if yes, how much do you charge.My neice is crazy about pippi and though i live in england, she lives in sweden, but this would make her happy as a treat for her. look forward to hearing from you.

  9. We LOVE your Pippi bag! I\’ve been searching the internet for a Pippi lunch bag for my daughter who is starting kindergarten. Do you sell your Pippi bags and if so do you make different sizes? Thank you so much. My daughter is very anxious to hear if you have them for sale!

  10. Hi Leslie, thank you so much for your comment! Unfortunetaly I cannot sew a Pippi bag for you because of copyright issues. I’m very sorry!

  11. Wowzer!! My 4yr old would go bonkers for this! Since yo cannot sew a Pippi bag because of copyright can you please let me know how you made it? The bag is amazing! I’m from California and you can’t find anything Pippi out here! Very sad!

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